GAE 音响系统


工程师们正是用这种方式这家位于德国Westfalian Werther的小型但成功的公司工作。



我们先在头脑中完成对GAE产品的革新,然后再将它变得完美。有一些扬声器是与时代并进的,但有些则是理想中最佳扬声器的类型。例如GAE Director系统(采用双同轴点声源技术),它和现时流行的扬声器不同,但却是大型扬声器系统的典范。


GAE Waveline系列

GAE Waveline系列扬声器是为顶级表演而设计的,品质出众。该系列定义了声音工程领域新的标准。它有非常广的带宽,适用于多种应用场合,使用方便,因此是众多极富挑战的音频工程的绝佳解决方案。»了解更多





Bass: An Element of Gut Feeling.

As the deep frequencies of the audio reinforcement specter are fundamental for each musical expression the development of the subwoofer demands GAE’s utmost attention.

GAE develops professional subwoofers always following the same intentions:

  • optimization of the efficiency/bandwidth-proportion and the damping-characteristics
  • selection of the best LF-loudspeakers – under mechanic as well as acoustic aspects
  • convenient handling and high compatibility to all GAE fullrange-systems
  • perfect acoustic characteristics supported by digital controllers of the latest generation
  • flexible opportunities of combination due to a setting-data-base for modern digital system controllers


Curtain Up for Elegant Maximum Performance.

Monitors have the capacity to sound great – this is proverbial with GAE. Paired with an outstanding performance GAE-monitors ever since belong to the universal instrument of stage engineering. Dressed up in a superior design the monitor becomes the gem of each stage.


The Concept is Brought to Bear when Potency Changes Hands.

By the development of the ProStage-series GAE enforces its own demands and sets new benchmarks always following the aim to carry out better results more efficiently.

Motivated this way on scheduling the ProStage-series a couple of factors frequently requested by sound-engineers have been integrated:

  • more compact, lighter and equipped with a better useable SPL than other systems
  • easy and quick handling with small accessories kit
  • extended bandwidth control of the acoustic irradiation on both axis
  • fullrange-characteristics without sublows for a higher efficiency
  • small number of different models in order to allow rental companies an economic administration
  • flexible amping-definition for an individual product design
  • usable for touring and installation